Thursday, October 10, 2013

Expanded Lenel Factory Certification

We've received Lenel factory certification for the integration of more of our IP cameras with the OnGuard® access control system v6.5 and v6.6, as well as with the Lenel Network Video Recorder 7.0 (Lenel NVR). This expanded certification enables viewing live and recorded video from more models of our IP cameras using Lenel NVR systems and controlling and configuring the cameras from within the OnGuard access control platform.
“Bosch has completed required factory testing at Lenel to validate the interface of the company’s latest IP cameras to OnGuard and the Lenel NVR,” said Gidon Lissai, Director of Strategic Alliances, Lenel. “This certification enables customers to seamlessly integrate the detailed video streams from Bosch devices with our systems, improving the level of overall facility control. We look forward to their continued involvement in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program.”
You can choose from a variety of our fixed and PTZ IP cameras tested for certification. Fixed camera models include the popular 720p or 1080p HD DINION and FLEXIDOME cameras, the DINION IP Infrared Imager, as well as the IP 200 family cameras. Moving cameras include AUTODOME PTZ IP cameras, the MIC Series 550 with IP Power Supply, and more.
“There’s now a broader range of Bosch cameras that integrate with the offerings from Lenel—from cameras designed for well-lit indoor areas to those that deliver excellent imaging in a range of lighting and environmental conditions, outdoors or in,” said Brad Eck, Integration Manager, North America, Bosch Security Systems. “This makes it easier for integrators to install cameras that deliver the best image quality for each application, and end users benefit from better visual information about the circumstances surrounding events or alarms in the OnGuard system.”
The integration of our IP cameras with OnGuard and the Lenel NVR enables verification of system events and alarms by viewing video from our devices directly in the OnGuard user interface. With the ability to see the source of an alarm using nearby cameras, security personnel gain the information they need to respond more accurately.

The integration also allows operation of PTZ functions of our cameras and the receipt of motion, temperature sensor, and other video alarms in the OnGuard system.

For more information on the products certified for OnGuard and the Lenel NVR, visit our Integration Partner Program web portal at

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Two New VIDEOJET Decoders

With the introduction of the VIDEOJET decoder 3000 and VIDEOJET decoder 7000, we're extending our decoder family with two new solutions for streaming video from IP cameras in high quality HD onto large flat-screen monitors or monitor walls.

While providing various display options, both decoders are designed for operation without the need for an additional PC or software to decode the video signals. They support an economical update of video surveillance systems during the transition to IP technology.

The VIDEOJET decoder 3000 addresses an issue increasingly found in video systems: the use of the latest IP camera as the source, while analog technology is still being used in the viewing monitors. VIDEOJET 3000 closes this gap and enables full HD quality at the decoding stage.

The VIDEOJET decoder 3000 enables the display of H.264-encoded video at up to 60 images per second from PAL, NTSC, or HD sources over IP networks. It is capable of decoding a single HD video stream in full-screen format or up to four SD video streams simultaneously in quad-mode. Since it directly drives an HDMI display, the decoder is ideally suited for such applications as flat-screen monitors. Alternatively, it can be connected to an analog monitor via the composite video BNC output. Additionally, the decoder provides one-channel of bidirectional audio communication in parallel to the video stream.

With its optional IP Matrix license, support for an IntuiKey keyboard, as well as integration into video clients and video management systems, the VIDEOJET decoder 3000 is suited to solutions ranging from the smallest stand-alone, right up to large or distributed but centrally-controlled applications.

The VIDEOJET decoder 7000 displays high and standard definition video from cameras and encoders. In addition to features offered by the VIDEOJET decoder 3000, it can drive two HD displays directly, each with an independently configurable screen layout, and so it is particularly suitable for flat-screen monitor walls. Furthermore, any type of stream and resolution can be decoded and scaled to the desired video window with the highest degree of clarity. The simplified display of camera streams supports security personnel in focusing on video content rather than overcoming technical limitations.

The system runs on an embedded operating system, together with Monitor Wall software based on HD-capable VideoSDK 5, both of which are tailored to high-definition video decoding.

The two decoders replace their VIP-XD and VIP-XDHD predecessors. They are supported by the Bosch Integration Partner Program (IPP) and are capable of being integrated by many different systems. See also:

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Great Article on Bosch in Security Sales & Integration Magazine

Check out this Q&A with our President of Sales - Americas, Jeremy Hockham, in Security Sales & Integration magazine.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

New DIVAR IP Recorder Family with Integrated Dynamic Transcoding Technology

The new DIVAR IP family consists of all-in-one video management systems as well as plug-and-play storage solutions designed for affordable, simple and reliable HD video recording. DIVAR IP 3000 and 7000 combine a network recorder, storage array, client workstation and integrated software, while the DIVAR IP 2000 and 6000 include a network recorder and iSCSI storage array.

The all-in-one DIVAR IP 3000/7000 appliances are equipped with Bosch Video Management Software (BMVS) and therefore offer advanced alarm processing to ensure that the most critical events are identified and managed. They also feature fully integrated support for Intelligent Video Analysis Forensic Search, which allows operators to quickly find a particular event among hours of recorded material.

The DIVAR IP 3000 supports up to 32 channels with up to 8 TB of storage, making it ideal for smaller- and medium-sized installations, such as retail, education, banking and similar applications. The DIVAR IP 7000 comes pre-licensed for 32 channels, and can be easily expanded up to 128 channels in line with growing needs. Its internal storage supports up to 16 TB of recorded video. To increase the storage capacity, the DIVAR IP 2000 and DIVAR IP 6000 video storage appliances can be added. DIVAR IP 2000 and 6000 devices are available with multiple options for storage capacity—up to 16 TB.

The all-in-one design of DIVAR IP provides a cost of ownership that is up to 45% less than other systems, and true plug-and-play operation cuts installation time nearly in half. Connect the DIVAR IP appliance and IP cameras to the network, configure using the installation wizard, and the system begins recording automatically. No special training or certification is required.

Easy video management
Smooth and instant access to high-quality surveillance video is essential, whether you are monitoring an entire chain of hotels or a single gas station. Moreover, users have come to expect the same degree of comfort and performance when away from the office or control center. With the launch of the four new DIVAR IP video recorders, we're responding to these needs and offering simple yet scalable storage solutions and all-in-one solutions for small-to-large-sized security systems.

All DIVAR IP recorders enable recording, viewing, and export of high-definition and standard definition resolutions, while streams are displayed in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios simultaneously. The recorded videos can be viewed and managed, depending on the model, using a remote operating client, an integrated operating client or a built-in web application.

Instant access to HD video scenes from anywhere is possible thanks to our revolutionary Dynamic Transcoding Technology. This technology enables high-resolution live video streaming and playback even over limited bandwidth connections, adapting the image quality to the available bandwidth. This applies, for example, for 3G areas with limited reception as well as Wi-Fi connections with constantly changing throughput. The Bosch Video Security app allows HD video to be viewed on an iPad or iPhone from any location.

Finally, all four of the new DIVAR IP recorders are ONVIF-conformant and thus integrate seamlessly with a wide range of security software and hardware solutions from Bosch, such as BVMS, the IP 2000, IP 5000, and AUTODOME cameras, as well as those of third-party providers. This is backed by the Integration Partner Program, which gives developers immediate access to software development tools to easily integrate Bosch products with third-party systems. Further details of this program are available from

More information on DIVAR IP is available at

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New IP 5000 Camera Family

With the introduction of the new IP 5000 HD and MP camera family, featuring resolutions as high as 5 MP, we're offering high-performance technology for a wide range of typical surveillance needs. By the end of 2013, this series will consist of 13 cameras in four different designs – microdome, bullet, indoor, and outdoor domes – that offer a number of resolutions to cater to varying image detail requirements, while also supporting SD card storage. The various options for outdoor installation include vandal resistance, water- and dust-proof enclosures, as well as IR LEDs for night-time monitoring. In addition, varifocal lenses simplify the adjustment of the field of view.

The new cameras incorporate two special bandwidth reduction technologies. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR) adapts the degree of noise reduction in real time based on an analysis of the contents of the scene. This can reduce bandwidth by up to 50% when no motion is present, but as soon as an important object is detected, the bandwidth increases to capture maximum detail. Bandwidth is further reduced by way of area-based encoding that enables compression parameters to be set for up to eight user-definable regions. This means the less interesting regions are more highly compressed, leaving more bandwidth available for the important parts of the scene.

Furthermore, two regions of interest can be selected and controlled by remote electronic pan, tilt and zoom (e-PTZ). The combination of these special streams with the main stream allows for a closer inspection of details while retaining situational awareness.

Additional features include Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), privacy masking, audio capability, and an operational temperature range from as low as -22 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit. The cameras are supplied with Bosch Video Client PC software that features a user-friendly interface to support simple installation and configuration. It provides live viewing of multiple cameras, playback, forensic search, and the export of data.

Finally, an app, available free of charge from the App Store, enables access to HD surveillance images on an iPad or iPhone from anywhere, even over low-bandwidth connections. 
“Our Video Security app gives you complete control of all your cameras, from panning and tilting, to zoom and focus functions,” explains Ian Crosby, Head of Product Management. “It’s like taking your control room with you.”
The new cameras seamlessly integrate with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch as well as from other third-party providers, since they are ONVIF conformant. They are also supported by the Integration Partner Program, which gives partners immediate access to online tools for easy integration. Further details of the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at

The new camera range will be available from October 2013 onwards. For more information, visit