Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Two New VIDEOJET Decoders

With the introduction of the VIDEOJET decoder 3000 and VIDEOJET decoder 7000, we're extending our decoder family with two new solutions for streaming video from IP cameras in high quality HD onto large flat-screen monitors or monitor walls.

While providing various display options, both decoders are designed for operation without the need for an additional PC or software to decode the video signals. They support an economical update of video surveillance systems during the transition to IP technology.

The VIDEOJET decoder 3000 addresses an issue increasingly found in video systems: the use of the latest IP camera as the source, while analog technology is still being used in the viewing monitors. VIDEOJET 3000 closes this gap and enables full HD quality at the decoding stage.

The VIDEOJET decoder 3000 enables the display of H.264-encoded video at up to 60 images per second from PAL, NTSC, or HD sources over IP networks. It is capable of decoding a single HD video stream in full-screen format or up to four SD video streams simultaneously in quad-mode. Since it directly drives an HDMI display, the decoder is ideally suited for such applications as flat-screen monitors. Alternatively, it can be connected to an analog monitor via the composite video BNC output. Additionally, the decoder provides one-channel of bidirectional audio communication in parallel to the video stream.

With its optional IP Matrix license, support for an IntuiKey keyboard, as well as integration into video clients and video management systems, the VIDEOJET decoder 3000 is suited to solutions ranging from the smallest stand-alone, right up to large or distributed but centrally-controlled applications.

The VIDEOJET decoder 7000 displays high and standard definition video from cameras and encoders. In addition to features offered by the VIDEOJET decoder 3000, it can drive two HD displays directly, each with an independently configurable screen layout, and so it is particularly suitable for flat-screen monitor walls. Furthermore, any type of stream and resolution can be decoded and scaled to the desired video window with the highest degree of clarity. The simplified display of camera streams supports security personnel in focusing on video content rather than overcoming technical limitations.

The system runs on an embedded operating system, together with Monitor Wall software based on HD-capable VideoSDK 5, both of which are tailored to high-definition video decoding.

The two decoders replace their VIP-XD and VIP-XDHD predecessors. They are supported by the Bosch Integration Partner Program (IPP) and are capable of being integrated by many different systems. See also:

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