Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Safety Dynamics Integrates with Bosch HD Cameras for Critical Infrastructure and Public Safety Protection

Safety Dynamics, Inc. has integrated the AUTODOME IP 7000 HD and MIC IP 7000 HD PTZ camera families with its SENTRI Gunshot Detection and Localization platform to address threats presented by active shooter events and sniper attacks on critical infrastructure.

The SENTRI system recognizes gunshots and explosions and sends range and bearing details to the MIC IP 7000 HD and AUTODOME IP 7000 HD cameras, which can then locate the source of the event. The solution provides police with the ability to use audio and video for the identification of crimes in progress.
“By combining the advanced analytics of the SENTRI System with quality Bosch HD video, the results are very high detection rates, very low nuisance alarm rates and the most cost-efficient threat detection system available on the market, particularly for the nuclear, electricity, and oil and gas industries,” says Dave Lafferty, President, Scientific Technical Services, and former Technical Advisor, Chief Technology Office, BP.
AUTODOME IP 7000 HD and MIC IP 7000 HD PTZ cameras offer 720p resolution with starlight technology to deliver high definition video images in extreme low light situations, or provide 1080p resolution with wide dynamic range for maximum detail in areas with both bright and dark lighting conditions. This ensures that objects of interest can be easily identified in challenging lighting conditions.

PTZ cameras have typically lacked the speed needed to keep pace with SENTRI detection and localization of gunfire, particularly in rapid-fire scenarios.
“In terms of response times related to localizing an event source, Safety Dynamics’ tests have shown that AUTODOME IP 7000 HD and MIC IP 7000 HD  are up to the challenge,” says Lloyd Uliana, Business Development Engineer for Bosch. “Additionally, the shock and vibration as well as impact resistance ratings make the MIC IP 7000 HD cameras ideal for harsh outdoor environments, for use on mobile command centers, at public events, and for fixed deployments in urban centers.”
“The integration of SENTRI with AUTODOME IP 7000 HD and MIC IP 7000 HD creates the first critical infrastructure-specific cameras directly controlled by a gunshot, audio anomaly event or perimeter breach alert, providing first responders with immediate situational awareness, tactical warning and decision support,” says Sally Fernandez, President, Safety Dynamics, Inc. “High definition video images, image acquisition speed, detection speed, and accuracy of localization deliver to law enforcement actionable intelligence that speeds up their response time in active shooter scenarios.” 
For more information on SENTRI from Safety Dynamics, Inc., visit www.safetydynamics.net

For more information on the AUTODOME IP 7000 HD and MIC IP 7000 HD cameras from Bosch, visit www.boschsecurity.us

Attendees of ASIS International 2014 can see the combined solution in action at the booth of the Battelle Memorial Institute -- #3952.

Attendees of Secured Cities 2014 can also schedule a demonstration of the solution by contacting Lloyd Uliana at Lloyd.Uliana@bosch.com.

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