Monday, September 28, 2015

Showing Integrated Security Solutions at ASIS 2015

At ASIS 2015, we are highlighting how integrated systems provide powerful solutions for common security concerns while reducing cost and complexity for end users. The interactive display featuring our latest products and systems demonstrates how to protect sensitive areas, manage video and security data, automate functions for easy operation, prevent theft and vandalism, and more.

Attendees will learn how the new G Series Control Panels enhance facility security with intrusion detection, access control and IP camera integration through the Bosch Video Management System. Leveraging the full capabilities of G Series systems enables users to automate functions for simplified operation. For example, by presenting access control credentials, authorized personnel can automatically unlock doors, disarm the intrusion detection system and turn on the lights at a facility.

Integrating the new G Series Control Panels with Bosch IP cameras provides added protection of sensitive areas, such as ATM service rooms, cash offices, pharmacies and more. This allows security personnel to view images of intrusion detection system events, such as a video snapshot to verify the identity of the person who disarmed a critical area. In addition, Bosch IP cameras programmed to alert based on Intelligent Video Analysis events – such as loitering, crossing a perimeter line, or others – can activate points on the security control panel.

Monitoring security data is simplified through the DIVAR IP 3000 all-in-one video management system, which combines a network recorder, storage array, client workstation and integrated Bosch Video Management System software. With this solution, operators can view cameras and control panel status and events on a graphical map, as well as control streams and arm and disarm the panels via the Bosch Video Management System software. Authorized personnel can also view video remotely via mobile devices and tablets, anytime from anywhere.

To prevent theft and vandalism, central monitoring stations equipped with Cloud-based Services from Bosch can monitor facilities via video and provide audio intervention when needed. For example, if motion is detected at a facility when the intrusion detection system is armed, Cloud-based Services enables the central monitoring station to verify the alarm through live and recorded video. If an intruder is at the premises, the operator can communicate that the area is under surveillance to help prevent damage to the facility.

Customers can benefit from integrated security solutions whether they choose a complete Bosch solution or software from another industry provider. Bosch IP cameras and control panels are compatible with a range of security software solutions from other industry providers. Additional details on the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at

For more information on integrating security solutions to enhance facility security, visit Bosch at booth #1209 at ASIS 2015 or online at

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