Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Look and Feel for Access Professional Edition

We've given a more user-friendly interface to Access Professional Edition (APE) to allow an even more efficient use of its state-of-the-art feature set.

New APE 3.4 goes way beyond locking and unlocking of doors. It allows a large number of functionalities from reception registration, badge registration and entrance control to entrance monitoring, alarm management and video verification. 

Though the software solution has retained all of its functionality, its new interface offers a more streamlined, user-friendly experience as it reduces a variety of potentially distracting features by using a smaller range of colors. Other changes include a more efficient and faster updating and reducing of the number of outdated icons and toolbars to further facilitate navigation, while keeping the access control solution’s capabilities.

APE is a complete and comprehensive security solution as it can be integrated with other building management and security functions like elevator management and intrusion protection. It is also enabled for seamless integration into the Milestone XProtect video management software.

APE 3.4 is ideal for entry to midsized access control needs in industrial, commercial or retail buildings.

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